New Year, New Day, Newborn Promise

It didn’t take my husband and me long to understand what our friends had long told us: Having a child changes everything. Bringing a newborn into the world immediately changed our individual lives, our marriage, our faith—our entire perception of reality.

We were diligent about going to pre-marital counseling to prepare for these changes ahead. In fact, we took friends’ advice to have pre-engagement counseling. Then, two years after we were happily married, and I became happily pregnant, we dove into the world of babyhood to learn everything we could about equipment and health. But one thing was missing: Where did the spiritual life of this new human fit into our plans and preparation? Of course we would pray together, read the Bible, attend church, all things we knew that Christian parents do.

But we lacked an awareness of the fundamental innate facts about our newborn’s developing soul. We learned the hard way, like all parents. I wrote about these fundamental facts and what the Bible has to say about them in a small book to support other parents.

Early on in the course of creating the Learn, Absorb & Praise board book collection for Graham Blanchard, my colleagues and I saw first-hand that parents needed more support to weather the transition to new parenthood. Pre-marital counseling has been proven to help new husbands and wives. Wouldn’t pre-parenting counseling be helpful, since bringing a child into the world is an even bigger transition?

The Newborn Promise Project was born, and we dedicated the next several years to round out the collection with cohesive resources for expecting and new parents and their children ages 0-7.

This year marks a new beginning for our family. Our daughter is an independent 15 year old now. With content development for Newborn Promise wrapped up, and the workload lightening, I find myself eager to tackle new challenges. Distribution of Graham Blanchard resources are in the good hands of the nation’s largest full-service distributor. Ongoing outreach, updates, and podcast development are smoothly in place. Mission accomplished, for my husband and me, but a mission that continues as part of our life forever.

Life with God is never boring. In each phase, as he draws us closer to him and each other through the trials and joys of this life, it is thrilling to embrace new beginnings.

When I was in college I read a book, Coramandel! by John Masters, that resonates with me even today. One of the protagonist’s closing lines seems appropriate to me now:

“I know now that the magic mountain is always beyond the one you have climbed, the coast of Coromandel is always over the horizon. If it were not so, magic would be at an end and a man could only dream, or only do—but never both.”

Callie is the founder and president of Graham Blanchard Inc. She also specializes in strategic program design and content development for improving outcomes in corporate philanthropy and education.

Photo and text copyright @ 2019 Callie Grant

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