“Callie possesses that rare blend of creativity and analytical skills.  She’s one of the best examples I have encountered that works equally well in the left or the right brain! She brings a creative flair to any product or project.  I strongly recommend Callie as a consultant for any company looking for a great person to guide them and assist them in their developmental efforts.”

—Larry Carpenter, former Standard Publishing president and Thomas Nelson marketing VP

Cover and Feature Articles

Writer, What’s So Great About Board Books, Christian Booksellers Association’s (CBA)magazine, Retailers + Resources.

Writer, Becoming a First-Time Mom at Age 41, Christianity Today (online).

Writer, “Working at Play: Silicon Valley CEOs See the Advantages of Laying Off,” Peninsula Magazine – Pitched and developed cover feature about the unusual hobbies of high-flying tech leaders.

Writer, “Silicon Valley Primer,” Explore Publishing Tapped to write cover feature for Explore Silicon Valley, a regional travel book for hotel guests.

Writer, “Virtual Stanford: Point, Click, Eat,” Stanford Magazine Tapped to write spotlight feature on an alumni dotcom start-up.

Writer, “Tennessee’s Special Spots,” The Tennessee Conservationist – Developed a feature for an issue focused on public access nature get-aways.


Co-producer, podcast, Newborn Promise Podcast, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Collaborated with colleagues on the podcast’s purpose, format, guest type and content to support expecting and new parents on a wide variety of issues.*

Co-producer, video streaming, Newborn Promise True Story Videos, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Supporting the Newborn Promise family of resources, these interviews explore a range of challenges and the gainful insights of six couples who took the dive into parenthood.

Co-producer, live radio show, On the Town with San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery, KLIV-AM, Empire Broadcasting – Assisted with booking guests and screening calls for the mayor’s live weekly call-in show featuring guests like 49er Ronnie Lott, rock-n-roll impresario Bill Graham, and San Jose Police Chief Joe McNamara.


Creative and content director, Worked with Shelton Interactive to create the original GUI and wrote content for the first WordPress site; worked with Gigglebox Design and developer Bound By on the latest version; continue to update and maintain the site.

Content creator and developer, – Met the inmate-founder of an impressive nonprofit in Riverbend Maximum Security Institution; volunteered to create a new website about their highly effective programs to reduce recidivism.


Creator and developer, Newborn Promise Project App, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Worked with the Subsplash platform to produce and launch the app in Apple and Google stores (no longer offered).

Producer, The Tech Millennium Press Kit, The Tech Museum – Managed the development of a virtual visit CD-ROM for The Tech’s 10th anniversary.

Writer, Technology Curriculum, Prentice Hall – Crafted activities for a teacher management guide for grades 6-8, providing connections between technology and math, science, and language arts, with support for slower learners and ESL students.

Creative director and producer, Building Today, Shaping Tomorrow, Applied Materials, Inc. – Developed a recruiting and fund-raising CD-ROM about the National Hispanic University and its important role in educating the next generation of Silicon Valley educators.

Writer, Smart Steps, Dorling Kindersley – Created student activities and the teacher’s guide for a 4th grade multi-subject homework enrichment CD-ROM.

Writer, MathGear, Tribune Educational Publishing – Wrote user’s guide for a conceptually new math skills CD-ROM.

Writer and editor, Smart Books, Scholastic Inc.– Edited four CD-ROM titles: Malcolm X, If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island, Favorite Greek Myths and Titanic and wrote the corresponding student/teacher users guides.

Writer and editor, High-Tech Reports, Scholastic Inc. – Researched, wrote and edited the teacher’s edition for a three-volume program engaging teachers and students with scientific innovations.


Author, Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Expecting and adopting parents devote much time to taking classes and buying gear. This book prepares them for the vital care of a child’s spiritual life.


All distributed online and in bookstores

Co-author, Your Newborn Promise Project: A Christian Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband & Wife, Graham Blanchard Inc. – designed to spiritually assess and plan for a couple’s new season in order to fill the gap between pre-marital counseling and the early days of parenting.

Co-author, Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Designed for a class or small group, the study offers an enriching dimension to the personal assessment and planning of the Primer.

Co-author, Your Newborn Promise Project Wings, an enriching activity and coloring book, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Through content that mirrors the Newborn Promise Project for adults, children explore their innate spiritual abilities to love, remember, seek, question, and persevere.

Author, Mud Puddle Hunting Day, Graham Blanchard Inc. – This child’s unfettered dash through the rain gives her freedom to explore and find just what she’s looking for.

Author, All of Me That You Can’t See, Graham Blanchard Inc. – A child describes how his unseen self—heart, mind, strength, and soul—grows right along with his physical self.

Author, Close as a Breath, Graham Blanchard Inc. – On a play day out, a child peppers her dad with questions about nature’s curiosities and draws closer to the God who made them.

Author, Jesus Invites Me, Knowing My God Series, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Children encounter Jesus’s welcome in Matthew 11:28, and see what it means in their daily lives.

Author, Jesus Shows Me, Knowing My God Series, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Jesus’s words in John 15:19 bring children into his personal, faithful love for them, while examples from the animal world magnify his love and care throughout creation.

Author, Jesus Saves Me, Knowing My God Series, Graham Blanchard Inc. – In John 10:14-16, Jesus’s words give children rich imagery of life with the Good Shepherd as his sheep, a major symbol of God’s saving plan for humankind.

Author, Jesus Helps Me, Knowing My God Series, Graham Blanchard Inc. – An array of fascinating birds introduces children to a deeper understanding of John 12:44-47 and Jesus’s call for anyone to believe in him.

Co-author, Jesus Inspires Me, an enriching activity and coloring book, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Cover faces on the Knowing My God series come to life as “soul mate” guides for children to solve, color, create and discover their own gifts as a “soul mate.”

Author, To the Sea, Graham Blanchard Inc. – A young boy wades in to make the most of his day at the sea, with its surprises and rewards. The memories he takes home will last him a lifetime.

Author, Your Core, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Inspired by Ephesians 3:14-19, this book appeals to the youngest readers with simple text and colorful scenes about a concept that is difficult even for many adults to grasp.

Author, Little Seed: A Life, Graham Blanchard Inc. – Children follow little seed’s miraculous life through four seasons and cultivate their own hearts for the rich symbolism of seeds throughout the Bible.

Author, Jeeves, I’m Bored: 25 Internet Adventures for Kids, Ask Jeeves – Researched and wrote this trade book for ages 9-12 to provide an online springboard for a wide range of offline activities, at a time parents and educators feared the impact of the Internet on children.

Co-Author, Jeeves, I Need Help: Tips and Tricks for Kids on the Net, Ask Jeeves – Researched and wrote this trade book for ages 9-12 to navigate the Internet, a then-new resource in the classroom and at home.

*The Newborn Promise Project resources involved a broad team of parents, educators, pastors, counselors, and creative professionals to develop meaningful support for expecting and adopting parents.