As a project editor at Scholastic Inc. for the highly acclaimed reading curriculum Literacy Place, Callie Grant developed creative tools to build children’s reading skills. But it wasn’t until she had a child of her own that she appreciated how important reading from birth would be for cognitive, emotional—and spiritual—development.

While returning to school to work on a masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, Callie was happily detoured by the news that she and her husband Michael were expecting a child. Her “field research” for creating a framework to teach children about God was only just beginning. In 2011, her family launched Graham Blanchard Inc. to build up families in Christian faith. The company name honors their paternal grandmothers, Etta Teresa Graham and Lessie Blanchard.

In 2017 Graham Blanchard’s Newborn Promise Project Collection was completed, offering a full resource hub for expecting and new parents and their children ages 0-7. And now Callie, who most enjoys developing and delivering, is taking on new challenges.

While continuing her oversight of Graham Blanchard and the Newborn Promise Project, Callie works with corporations and nonprofits on program design and content development to improve outcomes for all. She, Michael, and their high school daughter enjoy Austin, Texas with their tuxedo kitty brothers.